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Have a suggestion for a document? Contact us at: feedback@en.tldp.org. Try to be as descriptive as possible, and include a valid email address in case we need to follow-up with you.

  • Please update the Zip Drive Mini-HOWTO.
    Submitted by: sky-diving@wanadoo.fr.

  • Add the IPTables Tutorial by Oskar Andreasson blueflux@koffein.net.
    Submitted by: jijo@leathercollection.ph.

  • Mutt setup, Man super, Rescue, Hardware sensors.
    Submitted by: jostein.berntsen@sensewave.com.

  • VPN over PPTP/IPX HOWTO, here is an excellent start: http://lists.schulte.org/pipermail/pptp-server/1999-September/005674.html
    Submitted by: ansel@mindless.com.

  • Suggest a Games HOWTO that will attempt to list the major linux games, discuss installtion and configuration and point to the various linux games resources on the web.
    Submitted by: unmadindu@hotmail.com.

  • A ata100 installation HOWTO is in dire need. It seems there are alot of these onboard controllers out there, and not much information on installing with them.
    Submitted by: bobg@frontier.net.

  • Write a collection of descriptions for Linux Syslogd error/info messages which come either from the Kernel or from other System components.
    Submitted by: Michael@holzheu.de.

  • Add the GNU Manuals and Documentation.

  • Here's a man page created from suggestions by linuxchix members: man RTFM
    The reasoning behind it? Many newbies are told to RTFM before they have any idea how to find the manual, let alone how to read it. This quick man page gives inexperienced users some suggestions as to where and how to find help.

  • Linux Network Installations information requested.
    Submitted by: carlos@caspur.it.

  • Prepare a HOWTO (from existing HOWTOs) to build a gaming Linux box (e.g. takes into account issues such as installing nVidia accelerated drivers, resolving Mesa conflicts, etc.)

  • A document dealing specifically with the Linux Source. For example, a detailed note on Linux Kernel Macros. This will include an explanation of all the macros inside the kernel, their usage, the programs they are called in and so on.
    Submitted by: ssubodh@in.ibm.com.

  • Need a Emacs from Windows-text-editors HOWTO; I am willing to start writing it.
    Submitted by: ank@strike.com.ar.

  • Need an Embedded HOWTO to show exactly how to create an appliance which boots off flash disk or some other read-only device and runs out of ramdisk. Discussions in hardware/software would also be useful. I have been searching for this myself, and if there is not one, as soon as i figure out how to do it, i would be interested in creating it.
    Submitted by: juanino@yahoo.com.

  • Installing Kernel 2.4 - Mini HOWTO, learn how to install and configure the linux kernel 2.4. Document is here.
    Fold into Kernel-HOWTO once 2.4 releases. Author(s) of the respective documents have exchanged email.
    Submitted by: nferraz@insite.com.br

  • Indexing HOWTO for when writing HOWTOs, covering tags and post processing.
    This will be added to the LDP Author Guide by Kristin E Thomas <kristint@us.ibm.com>

  • Create troubleshooting guide. Re: Ciscos excellent troubleshooting docs.

  • Create a HOWTO for configuring the default permissions for device files.

  • An Anti-spam HOWTO.

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